Chris Hein - Solo Cello

a bundle of 4 comprehensive Solo Cellos

a bundle of 4 fantastic sounding Cello Instruments. 

The 4 instruments in CH-Solo Cello have exactly the same features, but a completely different sound.

All instruments always sounds completely authentic both within an ensemble and performing solo.

„Romantic Cello“ (38 articulations)

„Modern Cello“ (38 articulations)

„British Cello“ (19 articulations)

„German Cello“ (19 articulations)

Over 10,000 samples, 38 articulations and 4 different legato transitions. 

Unique phase align techniques enable perfect X-fade blending between up to 8 dynamic layers. 

Play from smooth & soft to screaming loud with completely natural sounding transitions, all without artefacts or phasing. 

Choose from a staggering 102 different attack shapes using the unique Note Head function, all with just a single fader. 

Two on-board convolution reverbs allow you to design the body of the instrument and the performance space itself. 

The DSP effects rack gives unlimited power to process the Cello sound, from soundtrack-ready to other-worldly. 

The detail, expression and functionality of Chris Hein - Solo Cello is simply unmatched.



Audio Demos

Main Features:

• 10,2 GB Content   

• 10.000 Samples per instrument 

• 38 Articulations 

• Up To 8 Dynamic Layers

• Unique Phase-Align technique

• 4 Dynamic Modes

• Dynamic Expression Sustains

• Note-Head Designer

• Hot-Keys

• Intelligent Legato & Portamento

• Glide-Mode To play realistic runs

• 10 built in DSP-Effects

• 2 independent Convolution Reverbs

• 63 high class impulse responses

• Attack- & Release Controls

• Special Noise Controls

• Ensemble Maker

• Micro-Tuner

• Adjustable Fader Settings in the UI

• Intelligent LFO-Vibrato including EQ

• Customizable Auto-Vibrato

• Key-Vibrato


• Sustain

• Sustain Vibrato

• Dynamic Expression Long

• Dynamic Expression Short

• Lyrical Vibrato

• Accent Vibrato

• Flautando

• Flageolet

• Flageolet Short

• Ponticello

• Ponticello Tremolo

• Ponticello Tremolo Crescendo

• Pizzicato / Bartok Pizz.

• 6 x Short

• 6 x Spiccato

• Trill Minor

• Trill Major

• Fall

• Doit

• Ricochet

• Col Legno

• Run Up

• Run Down

• Slide Up

• Slide Down

• Tempo Measured Repetitions

• Effects

Ultra Realistic Live Performance

The vast amount of articulations, dynamic layers and other functions make

Chris Hein - Solo Cello the perfect choice to simulate an ultra realistic live performance.

MIDI vs Live

Romantic Cello



Here you see Janet Lee performing live and a MIDI reproduction of the track with CH-Romantic Cello


MIDI vs Live

Modern Cello



The Zoltan Kodály Sonata is known as the hardest Cello solo work ever composed


MIDI vs Live

British Cello



Fouré „Sicilienne“ performed by Sonja Assenmacher


Fast Attacks

Thanks to the 12 version of short articulations,

CH-Solo Cello can handle fast lines and provides

agile playability.

Emotional - Romantic Cello

The soft and warm tone of the Romantic Cello lets you create tracks with deep emotion.

Emotional - Modern Cello

The Modern Cello can also sound very emotional.

Experimental / Sound Design

Everything you hear in this track is CH-Modern Cello,

no other intruments were used.

Przemyslaw Kopczyk used different versions of the Cello. The beginning was made out of the Flautando articulation, percussions are from the Effects articulation.

Hana - „A Muse“

Short film by Christina Lissmann, using the music by Przemyslaw Kopczyk and Lukas Knoebl.


Realtime Control

There are many ways to control the many functions of the CH-Solo Violin.

The minimum requirement is a MIDI - keyboard and a computer. You can draw all MIDI CC data in your DAW.

However, a set of hardware faders and pedals helps to achieve a good realtime performance.

Beside that, there are a bunch of cool controllers to make a realtime performance fun.

Realtime performance using Hardware MIDI controllers

Watch Berthold Matschat in a

realtime performance with

CH-Solo Violin using various

hardware MIDI Controllers.

Berthold controls six functions in realtime:

Articulation presets changes via Keyswitches

X-Fade via Yamaha BC1 Breath controller

Note Heads via Expression foot pedal


Artificial Vibrato on/off

Portamento Legato via sustain pedal


Based on Hexlers TouchOSC, 

I programmed a Real Time Controller for iPad.

Its not just fun to edit each and every function in

CH-Solo Violin from your iPad, the biggest benefit is, you can easiliy record the edits directly into your DAW. 

Instead of fiddling with midi CCs in your sequencer, just press record and move the knobs and faders on your iPad/iPhone to record the controller movements with your sequence.

Just get TouchOSC for a cheap prize at the Apple App Store, and install the Real Time Controller which is included in the downloads.

Leap Motion & GECO Midi

Here you see me controlling CH-Orchestral Brass with the

Leap Motion. It works the same way with CH-Solo Violin

Bernd Keul playing the CH-Solo Violin

with the Leap Motion and GECO Midi


The Leap Motion is an inexpensive sensor, which can be used in combination with the GECO midi app

to control multiple MIDI CCs at once with intuitive gestures of the left hand while playing the notes with the right hand.

TouchOSC Realtime Controller for iPad

Free Cubase Demo Projects

For all users of CH-Solo Strings, these free demo projects

help you to get started and show some some tricks

on how the demo songs were made.