Icons For Children

All income goes directly to UNICEF Germany.

The german UNICEF headquarter is nearby my studio in cologne germany

and I guarantee I will personally transfer the money to them.

With each purchase you directly support the children in the world who urgently need our help.

So, please don‘t share this product!

If you feel like you want to give the Track Icons to a friend, simply do another purchase or send him this link.

Keep in mind: If you copy and share this product, you steal it directly from the poor children.

If you feel like you want to give more, simply do a second purchase. :-)


Icons for children

• Clip Arts

• Cool Stuff  

• Effects Cubase

• Hardware

• Kontakt-Player Libraries

• SoftSynths

  1. Instrument

• Drums

• Ethic Instruments

• Keyboard & Mallets

• Mics & Singers

  1. Orchestral Perc.

Picture Categories:

Cubase Track Icons
hundreds of high quality pictures
to beautify your Mixer Tracks
All income goes directly to UNICEF germany
Cubase Track Icons is a collection of pictures to be imported in the Cubase Mixer.
The package contains over 500 picture files sorted in various categories.
All pictures are 300px x 300px .png files



• CH-Brass

• CH-Horns

• CH-Winds

  1. CH-Percussion

  2. Strings

  3. Bass & Guitar

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