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Chris Hein - Warwick Bass

Main Features:

- 2.043 Samples

- 20 different playing techniques

- All playing techniques in one programm with 20 key-switches

- Up to 12 Velocities per note

- 35 intelligent MIDI controllers included

- reverb, delay, chorus & 3-band EQ included

- Unique control features:

  Sub-Bass Control, Dead Note-Control, Squeeks-Control,

  Scratch-Control, Note Off Release Trigger,

  Stop-Noise Release Trigger, Flagolet-Control.

Built in 1986, the warwick streamer stage 1 is a true masterpiece of modern bass construction and one of the most successful of all the thoroughbreds in Warwick's stable. I sampled one of the first of these famous basses. SerNr. 218!