Chris Hein
Solo Violin
Italian Violin

• 1 Solo Instrument

• 4 GB Content  

• 10.000 Samples

• 38 Articulations

• Up To 8 Dynamic Layers

• Unique Phase-Align technique

  1. 4 Dynamic Modes

  2. Dynamic Expression Sustains

  3. Note-Head Designer

• Hot-Keys

• Intelligent Legato & Portamento

  1. Glide-Mode To play realistic runs

• 10 built in DSP-Effects

• 2 independent Convolution Reverbs

• 63 high class impulse responses

• Attack- & Release controls

• Special Noise Controls

• Ensemble Maker

• Micro-Tuner

• Adjustable Fader Settings in the UI

• Intelligent LFO-Vibrato including EQ

• Customizable Auto-Vibrato

• Key-Vibrato

Main Features:


The vast amount of articulations, dynamic layers and other functions make

Chris Hein - Solo Violin the perfect choice to simulate an ultra realistic live performance.

Ultra Realistic Live Performance

  1. Sustain

  2. Sustain Vibrato

  3. Dynamic Expression Long

  4. Dynamic Expression Short

  5. Lyrical Vibrato

  6. Accent Vibrato

  7. Flautando

  8. Flageolet

  9. Flageolet Short

  10. Ponticello

  11. Ponticello Tremolo

  12. Ponticello Tremolo Crescendo

  13. Pizzicato / Bartok Pizz.

  14. 6 x Short

  15. 6 x Spiccato

  16. Trill Minor

  17. Trill Major

  18. Fall

  19. Doit

  20. Ricochet

  21. Col Legno

  22. Run Up

  23. Run Down

  24. Slide Up

  25. Slide Down

  26. Tempo Measured Repetitions

  27. Effects


„False Valse“ played with CH-Solo Violin

„False Valse“ original violin played by Naomi Binder

Beside the unmatched realism, CH-Solo Violin is the perfect choice for creative sound-designers, film- & game composers.

Many included FX samples, extreme dynamics and unusual articulations like „Flautando“, „Flageolets“ and „Ponticello“ enable experimantal tracks which go beyond the possibilities of a real instrument.

The instrument range was streched beyond the real Violins range. However, a warning „Extended Range“ displays when you leave the realistic range.

Beyond Realism

„Run Down“ by Przemyslaw Kopczyk

Everything except drum played with CH-Solo Violin

Everything you hear played with CH-Solo Violin

„Rattle Your Bones“ - by Lukas Knoebl

This track uses almost all available articulations in CH-Solo Violin

100% realistic in any musical style

Thanks to the vast amount of articulations, dynamics and funtions,

the CH-Solo Violin sounds perfectly realistic in any musical genre


A re-creation of a Stéphane Grappelli arrangement of „Stardust by Przemyslaw Kopczyk.

The original can be heard here:


A gypsy style demo by Przemyslaw Kopczyk.

In the fast runs, the Note-Heads are uses a lot.


A demo by Jacques Mathias showing multiple instances of CH-Solo Violin in an orchestral context.

Dubstep / Sounddesign

Przemyslaw Kopczyk produced this track to show the possibilities in an unusual context

Overview Content

00:40  Examples

02:16  Articulations

02:40  Convolution Reverbs

03:47  Dynamics

04:41  Legato & Glide Mode

06:20  Note-Heads

07:20  Blending

07:30  Hot-Keys

09:08  Ensemble Mode

09:35  Settings

10:10  DSP-Effects

10:20  Vibrato


This video provides a fast overview showing the most important features.

Its a bit long, so use the content table to quickly jump to the chapter you want to see

Chris Hein - Solo Violin is a bundle of two comprehensive Solo Violins.

The most realistic multi-sampled violin instrument available today. Whether you’re writing for jazz, gypsy or orchestral,

Chris Hein Violin is flexible enough to handle any genre.

The instrument always sounds completely authentic both within an ensemble and performing solo. 

Over 10,000 samples, 38 articulations and 4 different legato transitions. Unique phase align techniques enable perfect X-fade blending between up to 8 dynamic layers. Play from smooth & soft to screaming loud with completely natural sounding transitions, all without artefacts or phasing.

Choose from a staggering 102 different attack shapes using the unique Note Head function, all with just a single fader.

Two on-board convolution reverbs allow you to design the body of the instrument and the performance space itself.

The DSP effects rack gives unlimited power to process the violin sound, from soundtrack-ready to other-worldly.

The detail, expression and functionality of Chris Hein Violin is simply unmatched.

Chris Hein - Solo Strings

A new member of the Solo Strings has been released. „The Italian Violin“

NEW: „The Italian Violin“

Italian Violin "La Vida Breve"

Live performance  by Naomi Binder

We recorded a beautiful old italian solo violin with exactly the same articulations and functions as the CH - Solo Violin.

The Italian Violin has a much softer and warmer sound than the first Solo Violin.

The Italian Violin was released as an addition to CH-Solo Violin.

It is only available as a bundle with the CH - Solo Violin.

Owners of CH-Solo Violin can upgrade for 49,- € / $

Owners of CH-Solo Strings Complete find the Italian Violin for free

in their BestService user account.

Italian Violin "La Vida Breve"

MIDI re-production by Przemyslav Kopopczyk

Italian Violin "Jalousie"

Live performance  by Naomi Binder

Italian Violin "Jalousie"

MIDI re-production by Przemyslav Kopopczyk