Chris Hein
Solo Contrabass
Chris Hein - Solo Strings

Chris Hein - Solo Contrabass is a collection of 3 virtual Solo Contrabasses you’ve been waiting for.

The most realistic multi-sampled Contrabass instrument available today. Whether you’re writing for jazz, gypsy or orchestral,

Chris Hein - Solo Contrabass is flexible enough to handle any genre.

The instrument always sounds completely authentic both within an ensemble and performing solo. 

Over 10,000 samples, 38 articulations and 4 different legato transitions. Unique phase align techniques enable perfect X-fade blending between up to 8 dynamic layers. Play from smooth & soft to screaming loud with completely natural sounding transitions, all without artefacts or phasing.

Choose from a staggering 102 different attack shapes using the unique Note Head function, all with just a single fader.

Two on-board convolution reverbs allow you to design the body of the instrument and the performance space itself.

The DSP effects rack gives unlimited power to process the Contrabass sound, from soundtrack-ready to other-worldly.

The detail, expression and functionality of Chris Hein - Solo Contrabass is simply unmatched.
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The vast amount of articulations, dynamic layers and other functions make

Chris Hein - Solo Contrabass the perfect choice to simulate an ultra realistic live performance.

Ultra Realistic Live Performance

MIDI re-production played with CH-Solo Contrabass

original live performance by Stansislav Anischenko

„Concertissimo Finale“ by Przemyslaw Kopczyk